reasons to choose TKL

Customer support

Always fast service and personal contact.


We are experts in global logistics with a focus on Asia and Europe. We have eleven offices in Asia, and three in Europe.


We provide effective consolidation shipments, which improves efficiency and keeps the costs down.

Web systems

Via our web systems, you can instantly see transportation costs. When goods has been booked and is expected to arrive.

Transport options

We can transport everything from the smallest packages to full containers, quickly, smoothly and efficiently.


We take care of all the practical details regarding transport, so that you can focus on your core business.

A solution you can
be confident with

In order to take part of the highest quality transport solutions
by ocean, road, rail, air and courier it requires you to work with
different carriers – no single carrier is best in all
products and markets.

TKL offers you the opportunity to channel all your transports
through our vast contact area.



When you choose to contract TKL Logistics, we will give you a solution that you can be confident with all the way.

We control the entire chain and will take care of all the paperwork. Such as customs clearance and transit.

We ensure that your goods are transported door to door. Simple, safe and effective.


TKL Logistics AB