About TKL

ABOUT TKL Logistics

TKL Logistics is a freight forwarding company that helps you in finding the best transport solution. We own several offices in Asia and have partners in all other parts of the world. All to offer the best ways of transport for our customers cargo.

TKL Today

TKL is constantly growing and has 65 employees in 14 offices in 7 countries.
Turnover 300 million SEK.

TKL History

  • – Kjell Lundgren started with his twin brother Kent TKL Forwarding & Brokerage Ltd (Twins Kjell Kent Lundgren) in April 1994 with headquarters in Anderstorp.
  • – The company grows and moves to Värnamo in December 2006. Olle and Magnus come in as a partner.
    TKL is now 12 employees and a turnover of about 80 million SEK.
  • – 2009 TKL grow further and opens office in Jönköping.
    TKL now employs 15 people and has a turnover of approximately 120 million SEK.
  • – 2012 January acquires TKL their agent in the Far East (ASE) with 45 employees and a turnover of about 110 million SEK.

TKL Logistics AB