Global logistics and smart transport

TKL Logistics is a freight forwarding company that helps you in finding the best transport solution. We own several offices in Asia and have partners in all other parts of the world. All to offer the best ways of transport for our customers cargo.

Container or package

Whether you need to ship a full container, LCL, or a smaller package quickly, we’ll find the best solution for you.

Shipping from China, rest of Asia, the US, Latin America, Europe or Africa – our knowledge and experience of global logistics is limitless.

We will find the right transport of goods by ocean or by air. If you’re in a hurry, but don’t want to pay the price of air freight, we have a third option when it comes to transport from China – rail freight. You can read more about rail freight here.

If you need to ship your goods on the road we offer road freight aswell.

Flexible solutions

We have a wide network of contacts throughout Europe, whom we use to help you in finding the right logistics solution.

Road freight is the most common shipping method within Europe. Are you in need of long distance, we’ll help you with ocean freight.

If you need to deliver the goods quickly, we have fast, cost-efficient transport solutions for air freight. For customers with transportation needs from China, we also offer rail freight.

Which shipping method should I use?


Ocean Freight

We have deep knowledge and experience in finding the best solutions for ocean freight. We have eleven offices in Asia and partners worldwide. This helps us in providing our customers with the best logistics service possible.

Ocean Freight
Air Freight

For smaller items, it would be cheaper to ship them by air than by the ocean. But when the goods must arrive quickly, air freight is the best alternative. As a customer of TKL you get access to our beneficial agreements with our global carriers.

Air Freight
Rail Freight

Rail freight have come up as a third option when it comes to the transport of goods from China. Rail freight is significantly faster than ocean freight, and more environmentally friendly than air freight. Looking for a quick environmentally-friendly mode of transport? Then rail freight is for you.

Rail Freight
Road Cargo

TKL has extensive knowledge and experience in road freight transport in Europe. We help our customers in finding the best transport solutions possible. We also have our own trucks that run between Sweden and Norway.

Road Freight

Got any questions? We’re here to help.


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Shipping goods globally is associated with some bureaucracy. We make sure that everything goes smooth
for our customers, including the handling of customs declarations, shipping documents and everything
else needed for international cargo handling.

Our main focus is always the customer. In TKL logistics – you get a personal contact that you can always turn to
and who’ll make sure that you’ll get the most cost-efficient and optimal transport solution for your needs.

For us, every customer is a VIP customer!

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