Rail Freight

Shipping from China by rail

Faster than ocean freight, cheaper than air freight. Rail freight has become an interesting third option when it comes to transporting goods from China to Sweden.

Compared with air, rail freight has a slightly longer journey, but the shipping cost for trains is considerably lower than for flight.

Environmental benefits

Ocean freight is still clearly the cheapest option. But when time becomes a factor, rail freight can be a good alternative. Rail freight from China takes approximately half the time compared to ocean freight.

Moreover, there are major environmental benefits in choosing rail freight before air freight. Rail freight is the best shipping method for our climate.

We help you choose the best alternative

Finding the best and the most cost-efficient way to transport goods from the other side of the globe is not always easy. To find the best option you sometimes need to get in contact with several different logistic companies.

If you choose to cooperate with TKL Logistics, we are the only contact you need. Your personal contact will help you create an optimal transport flow for your business.

For us it’s very important that all of our customers are happy, we have a 100% customer focus and treat every customer as a VIP.


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